25 April 2011

Earth Day

As if it was ordained by Mother Earth herself, it was a glorious sunny day and surprisingly warm. The last week has seen daily consistent rain and the littlest people were starting to develop signs of cabin fever.

The sun had broken through and immediately after breakfast, the tribe headed outside to bathe in its warmth. Squeak was undertaking her usual duty of inspecting the plants and practising her walking up and down the step while steadfastly refusing to listen to my implores of  "please keep your hat on."  Imp was busily and noisily making her latest attempt of breaking the land speed record that could possibly be achieved on a tricycle, covering the short distance of the back verandah.

Giggles soon punctuated the air as The Littles had accessed the trampoline with the help of Husband. There was a hectic mixture of jumping, running, and tumbling. I felt a pang of wishing I was younger and more limber with some semblance of coordination.

The opportunity of decent weather was also seized upon to inspect how well the vegetables were doing. Unfortunately we have lost another Rosemary plant. We seem to not have very good luck in getting them to flourish, so it's back to the books to see what we are doing wrong. Also Imp's mystery plant, which has morphed from the possibility of being a strawberry to a pumpkin, had not done very well. Husband has suspicions that the plant had been genetically modified at some point as the "fruit" does not progress past initial growth. Previous discussion with Imp about extracting her plant had resulted in protests and frantic, protective hugging of her pumpkin. But today she came to the realisation that the plant was going to be pulled and was okay with it.

This was her first time dealing with a loss. It was a great opportunity to teach her about ebb and flow, how living things do not last forever. That it was okay to feel sad. So we said goodbye to her pumpkin, which she decided to place in the compost and then spent time with Husband to plant some garlic.

So the cycle starts again.

My type of Blackberry


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