25 May 2011

Beans, beans, beans

Recently we had a lovely package arrive from Eden Seeds with, amongst seeds for my long yearned for English Garden, was some "magic beans". They are magic because the beans change colours from purple to green when you cook them and come by the most regal of names. Purple King.

But before we can see their amazing display of hypercolour, we needed to get these in the ground. Imp was very eager to garden with Husband by helping plant these. However she was quite content to let her parents do all the ground work first while she played. So Husband and I got stuck into it. In all reality, it was much more a case of him getting stuck into it while sort of helped and took photos. But who wants to get in the way of a good story!

The retaining wall for the potato patch is made from besser blocks with lovely big holes in them. Perfect size to fill up soil and place a frame above it.

The wall/bean pots 

 Soil in, frame up!

Pat pat pat

Posts for frame in with some fantastic reinforcing materials of blue metal thanks to the generous donation from the local council roadworks division *cough* joys of living on a gravel road *cough*

Hello little bean! 

Imp is ready to do her part to help.

In the ground you go 

One down .....

Our lovely little garden 

All done! I just love our lovely little vegie patches.


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