20 May 2011

Laying low

Activities in the house for the last week came to a sudden and sharp grinding halt.

Imp's energy levels dropped off very quickly one evening and we soon discovered that our little girl had a cold. She spent her days camped out on the lounge, watching some Charlie and Lola DVDs. It is hard to watch in helplessness while our children struggle through colds. I could see her getting frustrated with not having the energy to jump around and play like she usually does.

The generosity of colds frustrate me to no end. Sure enough two days later, Husband and I both woke up in the morning to that knowing, burning sensation in our respective throats. Great. Then Squeak started to lose her usually cheery self and was a ball of miserable clinginess.

Mayday. Mayday. We were going down.

It is hard to keep plodding while being sick yourself and take care of unwell Littles as well. Sleep was punctuated with coughs and cries. I hate seeing my babies unwell. It just eats me up inside.

We spent the week bunkered down in our house, not doing too much and just trying to recover. Husband has been fantastic. Heading out to work, to then come home and cook dinner and then co-parenting. I don't tell him often enough, but he rocks the whole domestic/partner/parenting gig. Love you Husband man.


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