14 May 2011



Sometimes it is just impossible to not watch my girls and not feel like my heart is going to burst through my chest.

I, unfortunately, do not have any siblings despite the vocal protesting to my mother. I always vowed that I would like more than one child, as I knew the loneliness of not having a sister or brother to go to. For a while, I assumed that The Eldest may be an only child himself but as it happily turned out, the Game of Life dealt us a really nice hand.

The gap between The Eldest and Imp is a few years so not long after she turned two, I started to think about what life would be like for her when her brother decided to move onto the next phase of his life. She may feel alone. Left behind. Feel unsupported. Plus I was feeling immensely broody. It was decided that this family was missing a member.

And so Squeak choose us and joined our family. She is now at the age of really wanting to shadow her sister. There is a lot of mimicking going on and it just makes me smile to watch her attempting to connect with Imp. Sometimes there are tears and cries of frustration from both sides when they are feeling overwhelmed at the others presence. Other times there are belly laughs and giggles which my Mama senses tell me is them up to no good (otherwise known as the Shenanigans Sensor). But there is camaraderie and I can see the sisterly bond starting to take shape.

My most wonderful moment today was this morning when Imp crawled out of bed and came down to the kitchen to greet us. Squeak sprinted towards her and they both proceeded to throw their arms around each other, like long lost friends.

Just the thing to warm the soul on a brisk Autumn morning.

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  1. Oh gosh they are both growing so fast. They are heartmelting!


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