8 May 2011

Stumbling through the internet

I am a knitter.

It is a reinvigorated hobby for me. My ever so patient Nana tried many moons ago to teach a rather impatient 8 year old how to knit. My attempts were interesting to say the least and I soon gave up as it did not satisfy my need for the immediate. However some of the things she showed me had thankfully embedded in the memory bank and after the birth of Squeak, I had a renewed interest in knitting.

So I tried again.

I have found the creativity process wonderful and therapeutic. Knitting actually makes me quite sleepy so there is a lot of stopping and starting but eventually I do get my projects completed. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment when I finish something and see them being worn. Through age comes patience.

Our local yarn shop is participating in the International Yarn Bombing Day and she sent emails out for any interested yarnaholics to join in. At the moment, there are many of us frantically knitting up a storm for the selected target. I am hoping it will look amazing; seeing all this colourful knit-fitti everywhere.

As part of my project for this, I was on the look out for a pattern to knit leaves. I soon came across this wonderful blog and starting reading her other posts. She wrote about a day where her children helped her sun dye some wool. Now I was intrigued, as I longingly looked down at my bag of undyed merino superwash. This page was soon bookmarked for another day.

The next day it was sunny. Very sunny. I looked at my Eldest, who was home from school with a cold, and said to him "There is lots of sun".

"Indeed" he replied with a knowing grin.

Very soon there was hive of activity in the kitchen as plain hanks were bring brought to life under the watchful eye of the Eldest, with vocal approval from Imp and Squeak who were running through the kitchen. Eldest and I then placed in jars to bake in the sun for the day.


Baking, baking.
                           Baking, Baking

We were rather pleased with the end results. There were some gaps in the colour which meant that Eldest and I could then try our hand at painting the food colouring on the next day. We then wrapped it up in gladwrap and once again let it bake in the sun. The final results were really stunning, including the multi purple goodness that I made up under the especially close supervision of its owner Imp. She literally swooned when she saw her favourite colours on the skein.

End result!!
End result.


  1. Stunning! I love the purples too :)

  2. I am so tempted to dye some wool now. I used to do it a lot, pre-DD and pre-study. I have all the dyes still, and have some light coloured yarn begging to be dyed...

  3. Oh give it a shot! And don't forget to come back here and link us with some photos ;)


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