29 May 2011

Take the moment

It was a busy Saturday here yesterday.

Hustling and bustling was the order of the day with gardening, clothes washing, general house tidying, regularly coercing The Eldest to clean up his room, savoury muffin baking and attempted amigurumi knitting for the yarn bombing. It was just a blur of busyness for the whole day.

Husband took The Littles to the shops to purchase some eggs so I can bake a chocolate cake for dessert. The opportunity was seized to finish up some lose ends for the day before they came back home. I moved quickly, thinking to myself  "I may even get a chance to have a cup of tea by myself" as I headed back towards the kitchen. Then I looked on the wall - it was painted in the most beautiful hue.

I looked out the window and the world was golden. It was a moment to stop, appreciate and take in the natural beauty. Most definitely a photo moment.

Want to see?

Golden slumbers

Sometimes when we are busy with life, we miss the little moments that can just take our breath away. So don't ignore them when they present themselves to you. Stop. Take the moment and mediate on the little things. You will be glad that you did.


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