29 August 2011

Book Week!

When our eldest came to us and told us that he wanted to be homeschooled, one of the first things of thought of when we decided to go ahead with this was the following ...

Yippee! No more book week parades!

Book Week and the dressing up was for me up there with the Easter Hat parade. I really couldn't stand either. Maybe it was because it gave the bullies of the school a feeding frenzy of things to pick on kids about with their choice of attire, to point and ridicule them. Maybe it was the pressure that was applied by the school to buy books that were set up in the library. To me, reading should be joyful and there was no joy in what I saw. To me, all I saw was the negativity of it - the blatant profiteering.

So there was some apprehension when we were invited by another homeschooling mama to an impromptu book week at her house. Both the eldest and The Imp were very excited by the prospect as they really cherish their time with this family. Plus, Imp loves dressing up!

A quick trip to the op shops for costume supplies was definitely in order. In our house, it is not difficult to twist an appendage into going op shopping. Not only did we get costumes, but Mama found an awesome aqua Pyrex mixing bowl. Score!

My post op shopping high prepared me well for our encounter to Kestrels house the following day. Eldest was impeccably dressed as Leo from one of his favourite books, The Key to Rondo. Imp was a very colourful Lola from the Lauren Child series, Charlie and Lola. Squeak was dressed as a little Christmas Elf and even I joined in on the fun as Sybil Trelawney. It seems I was in good company as I was greeted by Molly Weasley and Mad Eye Moody when I arrived at Kestrels home.

Our fabulous selection

We also encountered Cinderella, a couple of pirates, Goldie Roth, and a Frog ribbiting down the hallway. It was a fantastic day with story telling, laughter, lots of noise and mirth. Molly even baked a cake!

Story cake

I can do it!


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