27 August 2011

Carpe Diem

There was no standing on tables or cries of "oh captain my captain" but there was learning afoot.

An impromptu visit into town to print off the curriculum for our forthcoming visit from the Board of Studies representative ended in a walking tour of the CBD. Imp thought this was a fantastic idea and was soon enthralled with a map of the local river system that was renamed her treasure map.

We continued on and went for a play in a small playground  next to the river. I then spied the fire station and noticed the doors were open. Lots of peering into the station ensured so the children could have a peak at the trucks.

We snuck down a pathway and found ourselves in front of the Regional Gallery. Free admission! That was a call that had to be answered. We entered in and I held my breath hoping that Squeak wouldn't squawk too loudly in the building. The latest exhibit was called The New Arcadia.

The New Arcadia brings together artists responding to notions of arcadia and the picturesque. It throws light on an idealised depiction of landscape, but with visible disruption. This is the old world butting up against the new as the artists attempt to locate where arcadia is now.

Arcadia is therefore imbedded with notions of looking back to a paradise enjoyed but lost through the heavy touch of progress and the human hand. It defines nature as transcendent, and ancient beyond our reckoning.

There was some really interesting works of art. One of my favourites was the glass teapot

Unfortunately the Squeaking became a very impatient Squawking so our visit was cut short. It is definitely bookmarked for a return visit for just The Eldest and myself.


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