26 August 2011

Colour the flowers!

Our first lesson and I started with one which engaged both The Eldest and Imp. It was a really simple one to do to show the process of transpiration. When I asked them what they thought would happen, The Eldest was rather stumped while Imp came to the conclusion that "the water would make them pretty". I was very impressed that my four year old had deduced this.

Experiment: Changing the colour.

Place some humble tap water in three glasses:

Humble water

Raid the pantry for some food dyes:

Food dye

Place some colour in each glass and put your flowers in for a drink. Imp helped me pick some daisies from our garden:

Drink up Daisies!

And two hours later .....

Two hours later

In the meantime, The Eldest was writing up his hypothesis and procedure while he was waiting to collect, record and analyse the resulting data.

Recording results

Later on in the evening:

Later that evening

Final result! Imp thought it was very pretty!

Next Day.


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