25 August 2011

Mama breaching the surface

I have been like a submarine. I have quietly been pushing ahead with some developments in our home which is very new and exciting. The submarine analogy also works really well with what has been going in our life as over the past 10 weeks, it has been a game of tactical warfare.

The Eldest has decided he wants to be homeschooled.

This has been met with shock from Husband and I, emotions which has ranged from joy by some of our friends and utter angered bemusement by others.

To say things have run smoothly would be to lie. It has not. It has been trying, gut wrenching, stressful, exhausting. I have been furiously lodging forms, writing a curriculum and just watching the days count down to our home visit from the Board of Studies.

We were successful and have been given a 12 month registration.


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