24 September 2011

Things I Know

Shae from Yay for Home (how cool is that blog title?!) has the regular post called "Things I know" and today I am joining in on the fun.

Things I know

~as soon as I even contemplate knitting, the built in alarm which Imp comes with kicks in and I am interrupted.

~The Littles follow behind me and undo my cleaning.

~kisses from Mama makes the owies go away much faster than anything else.

~a pile of sand is a kid magnet and is even more enticing if you put barriers up to keep them out or place in a big container ...

~the world looks better after a cup of tea in the morning.


  1. Tea is a balm, for sure.

    For my kids, the lure is always water. They can never walk along the beach or past a puddle without jumping in feet first.

    Love your photo.

  2. Thank you Jayne! I must admit puddles have magnetic quality to my children as well - especially if they are muddy. I blame Peppa Pig.

  3. Oh yeah! Tea makes my world go around!
    My children like dirt AND water, even more so if they're mixed together.

  4. I can relate on the built in alarm. Lilyana has one for when I sit down at the sewing machine.

    And now I want a cup of tea lol


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