6 September 2011

We're going on a bear hunt.

What do you get when you cross a sunny day, bored kids and a mother who has no real concept of distance?

An epic walking adventure!

I thought I would seize the opportunity to embrace the warmth and take the kids on a walk to a little nature reserve just around the corner from us. A bit of learning, a dash of exercise - sounds like a perfect plan. Plus, it should tire the kids out that they will too exhausted to do their usual evening shenanigans.

Oh Mama, you are so cunning. Clever. May I dare say; a little devious? I had a little chuckle to myself at the image of tired children and of Husband just looking on in wondrous approval. "How did you do it?"

We set off around in the early part of the afternoon. Squeak in the pram, Imp and The Eldest walking along. Slowly we wander down the end of our lane to head towards the next road over. We spy interesting things on the way.

Numbers made out of metal hammered onto poles.

A carpet of colourful crunchy leaves to march through.

So far so good. Everyone was having a lovely time. Leaves are collected. Flowers are inspected. Cows are enthusiastically greeted. However by the 1.5km mark, as I discovered later, Imp's little legs are starting to get tired and soon there are the cries of "how much longer?"

Shouldn't be too far, right? I  mean probably just around the corner the sign will pop up heralding our arrival.

Nope. No sign. Just more road.

Mother guilt much?

The Eldest scooped Imp up and carried her until she got too heavy for him. So we keep walking. Finally we see up ahead the fork in the road which means we have made it ...

... after 2.3kms.

We get to the park and everyone is reinvigorated. Except for Squeak who is crashed out in the pram. I envy her. Imp appears miffed as to her a "park" constitutes an area with play equipment but picks up a little when I tell her that we are about to go an adventure through a rainforest.

Not long after taking this photo, a wallaby bounded through and crossed our path. Excitement plus!! Thank god we saw something because I was already thinking about the Smirnoff in the back of the cupboard if this whole hike was a bust. We then proceeded to see a few Red-legged Pademelons which Imp fell madly in love with, especially when they were only the height of a ruler! Calls of many birds echoed throughout the reserve. Imp counted at least five different types.

Soon it was all over and it was time to go home. Squeak woke up which gave her big sister a chance to hop in the pram for the walk back. Squeak took position on my hip for the trek home which made me think even more about getting rid of my Babyhawk carriers and buying a manduca. And why is my Babyhawk at home instead of on me now?!

The walk back did not appear as long, except for those who had 11 kilos on their hip, and we found many things to keep us entertained.

A Ned Kelly letter box.

Some very friendly chickens who were extremely obliging and posed for the camera. Aren't they just gorgeous?

I had a fleeting "Castle" moment when I thought about how cool these gates would look in my driveway.

We made it home about five minutes before Husband finishes work and does the daily phone call for a list of items to pick up at the shop. However this time he received the tale of how we went on a "small" trek (4.6kms in total) and was rather amused about how tired I was when it was supposed to be the kids who would get exhausted from it all.

So the best laid plans completely backfired and in future I will check with Google maps to see how far away things really are.


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