9 October 2011

| day eight | Gnoming for Dummies

You know you have hit your mid thirties and have embedded yourself into a nice little "inching towards midlife" rut, when you start thinking about garden enhancements. In the shape of a little man with a pointy hat.

Yes, I am talking about garden gnomes.

Not completely satisfied with a veggie patch (Husband's domain), a strip of "England" in the shape of propagated cottage flowers, and sneaky daffodils popping off just to rattle the daffodil unimpressed landlord, I decided that there was something missing in our garden. This required immediate rectification.

It didn't really take much arm twisting to convince Husband that we needed to go to Bunnings, otherwise known in our household as ManWorld ™. The words were still hanging in the air and we were all in the car; pulling out the driveway.

Look out ManWorld ™,  I'm a gnome huntin'

There was some concerns from Husband about the type of gnome that I would be obtaining. He wasn't particularly keen on a mooning gnome, or one that flips the bird. I scoffed at his suggestion of sheer blatant bogan gnomery. With me being a Leo, I thought he would have known that I am a selective snob, which extends through to garden ornamentals (although, I do have a hankering for three Pink Plastic Flamingos to skewer into the front yard; but that is to merely rattle the landlord).

He needed not worry for I purchased for us the most elitist of gnomes. Our gnome is perfection personified in fibreglass resin. Behold! Our gnome:



Erik the Gallantry Garden Gent. He is a happy gnome and quietly guards our chilli bush with silent dignity. Erik is a rather jolly little gnome. It must be pointed out, however, that his name was born from another small, smiley garden lover: my Dad. I have not had the courage to inform Eric of his namesake as I am unsure if he will be pleased, bemused, or annoyed. The thing is about Eric/Dad is that he is not particularly tall in stature and so it is possible that he may think that we were are having a little dig. (note obvious garden pun)

"Hmmm. Who do we know who is short and likes hanging out in gardens?"

"Oh I got it -  Eric!"

"Great but we better change the spelling a little so he doesn't get suspicious. What about a Nordic spin on it? Erik with a K. That should get us off hook"

"Fantastic. He will never connect it"

But just to be sure, we haven't told although I am sure my Mum would get a giggle out of it.


  1. GREAT BLOG !!! Love this post and love Erik. Found your blog through Blogtoberfest.

  2. Oh wow! Thank you Lotti. I love Blogtoberfest.


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