12 October 2011

| day eleven | I like storms! I like loud! (dial up death)

When I was little, I hated storms. They scared me. The thunder would make me jump and I would go hide somewhere in my room.

Then I moved to a different state where the subtropical climate guarantees a storm season every year. I was a little wary of this to start with, but having a partner like Husband meant that I learnt to appreciate the beauty of them.

In the first week I was up here, it flooded. A tropical low hung over the region for days and dumped an incredible amount of rain on us. Welcome to the area Cybele! Two months later, it flooded again. Hmmmm, is this normal?

I soon developed "an eye" for cloud structure and which ones could cause some noise.

This one ended up dropping a funnel on a town not far from here and the tornado ate the local church.

I love how the sunset hits the mammatus.

And its not every day that you drive home and see this.

Or the fact that the base was rotating and that a funnel shot out the side of it.

I am still bitterly disappointed that it didn't reach the ground.

Awesome looking structure. Such a pity there was dust on the sensor which showed up in the photo.

This is my current favourite photo - all thanks to my iPhone as the Nikon had a dead battery. The wind from that cell was ice cold and our grass was decorated in hail. It was just lovely to watch.

I have since have just grown to love our storm season up here. It is now so easy to see the beauty in them and watch in awe in how they unfold. Now firmly on my Bucket List is to visit Tornado Alley in the US. That would be such a rush!

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  1. Hubby wants to visit Tornado Ally. That's a holiday he can go on his own lol


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