4 October 2011

| day four | Learning to say "goodbye"

Today Imp said goodbye to a friend.

She had become quite close to a girl out the local playgroup. They had only played together a few times but there was an instant bond between. Maybe even more on Imp's side than the others. The little girl, with the most gorgeous name I have ever heard - Ashlin, is moving away with her Mummy and younger brother. They are about to start on a wonderful journey in another state. New, big things await them.

Imp regularly declares that A is her "bestest friend" and she was always the first person Imp looked for when we arrived at playgroup. Today was a farewell meet up at a local park and I knew today would be a difficult one for her. I was worried that she did not comprehend what it all really meant.

We had a bit of a rocky start. Imp was overexcited to see her and burst into tears when A declared she didn't want to play exclusively with her. I felt my heart break a little for her. We sat on the ground for a while as I held her and kissed her through her tears. However, soon they discovered each other again and there was a happy group of girls just running around the park, playing together.

Today ended up going really well. Imp took it all in her stride. They hugged each other. Posed for photos and then said goodbye. Imp really didn't want to leave as then it made it all official. A was going away and this was Imp's last time with her.

I was so proud of her. She handled it beautifully. I am now waiting to see if the reality of it all has sunk in to her and I am ready for lots of comforting hugs if she needs them.

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