8 October 2011

| day seven | Yawn

Daylight Savings - curses to thee!!!

It has nearly been a week
And I feel jetlagged.
Tea just isn't working its magic
My "zigged" has turned to a "zagged"

My brain is all befuddled
And I am walking in a fog
I was so completely fuzzy
That I forgot to post on this blog

I raise my fist to thee - Daylight Savings
And hope my mind returns from orbit soon.
Then it may stop me rhyming
Like a grammatical buffoon.



  1. HAHA love the post!
    Feeling a bit like that myself, though I think its more from the newbie that has been waking very 2 hours rather than daylight savings

  2. Ahh yes - sleep deprivation from newbies oh the memories. Oh wait, mine STILL wakes up twice a night for a feed.


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