6 October 2011

| day six | With a bowk bowk here

Yesterday we added to our little family. We have finally introduced The Littles having some pets.

We are now Chicken Owners.

This is Flower, who was named by Imp. Flower likes food, posing for photographs and trying to sneak bread out of your hand when you are not looking.


The other one is Esme, or Mae. She is the quieter of the two and is not so keen on posing.


There was lots of excitement coming from The Littles. They have been "helping" Husband make the tractor for them and sat next to the tractor once we brought the chickens home. Squeak spent this afternoon walking around like one of the hens. It was very cute to watch.


  1. What beautiful chickens! What breed are they? We are looking into adding to our brood... once we upgrade the chook tractor. Xanthe says it's urgent. She must have her own chicken NOW! PS. I really love this space. You have a gorgeous blog. I must get back here more often xx

  2. Thank you Lauren. I get twitchy about my template as I keep thinking its too busy and needs to be more easy on the eye; so do hear from others that they like it is heart warming.

    The chickens are Plymouth Rocks and they are monster size chooks. Way bigger than an Isa Brown and they just dwarf bantams. The person we got them off had small children so they are quite used to have little people around them. They seem pretty calm around us and like to socialise.

  3. They are beautiful chickens.
    Hubby has finally given me the ok to get some myself and even a duck!!


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