3 October 2011

| day three | Pinterest

I have an addiction and its name is Pinterest.

What I find so enjoyable about Pinterest is the ease of it. Just hit "pin it" and you are done. Plus it has given me the title of Curator; I so do like that title. Makes me sound like I am an owner of an art gallery. Where the well dressed come to look at work I have carefully selected while they sip their glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and nibble on gourmet organic cheese.

Well, almost. If you replace the words "Sauvignon Blanc" and "organic cheese" with a packet of Tim Tams* and a cup of tea then you might be closer to reality. Also, there is no need to dress up. One can loll around in their trackies** and fluffy blue slippers as they soak up the personalised culture of another pinner.

I am ready for some aesthetic inspiration!

I have discovered some amazing ideas on Pinterest. For example, who knew that if you press the button for the floor that you want to go to, and the door close button at the same time, and hold them down for five seconds;  that you could achieve an express flight to your chosen floor. Elevator hacking! Thanks Pinterest!

I love this electronic pin board. Finally I can almost pigeon hole my taste. It sets challenges to actually attempt and complete the craft project ideas that you pin with such enthusiasm and promise. So far, we have only completed one but that in itself is a major accomplishment for me.


Our family tree with little fingerprint leaves (it has been mounted and framed since).  A gift that was well received by Husband. Now the next challenge, to find somewhere to hang it.

Translation for non Aussie readers (therein itself lies the assumption that people actually read this blog - you gotta love optimism!)

*Tim Tams - they are evil wrapped in chocolate. I believe that you have not lived unless you have eaten a Tim Tam. If you then want to reach a new level of awesome (or ewwww, depending on your temperment) then I would strongly suggest biting the corners off your Tim Tam and then use it as a straw to drink your coffee through.  There! I have done it; a challenge. 
**trackies - the most comfiest things known to humanity. The downside of such comfort is the usual lack of fashion/appeasing to the eye/you should not really wear these out of the house trade off which comes with such level of comfort. They are similar to sweats but really quite daggy. It is up there in the fashion stakes with a Snuggy. 



  1. Now I have a craving for Tim Tam Slam... *Wonders back off to pinterest*

  2. mmmmm, Tim Tams... I love Pinterest, too, it's great shorthand for remembering stuff, and so much inspiration!


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