20 October 2011

| day twenty | The little things

Imp has the biggest heart.

This afternoon, the female trio pottered around outside. We greeted and fed the chickens, then sat back and watched them for a while. Then Squeak ventured off to do some chalk drawing on the pavers while I dead headed my calendula plants.

Imp was very quiet. Not a peep.

I pop my head up to see what she is doing and I discover her picking the white clover flowers. She is very busy.

Soon I greeted with a huge smile from Imp and a bunch of flowers. She had been picking them for me. This type of thoughtfulness from her just warms my heart. To know that she spent a long time meticulously picking the perfect flowers as a present for me it so beautiful. There is love in every single bloom.

We went inside and I got out a little vase for them, filled it up with water and carefully organised the flowers in it. They mean the same to me as florist bought flowers as they were given with such love and joy.

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