26 October 2011

| day twenty six | I think I am a sheep dog

Its true! I think that somewhere along the line, parents of toddlers have developed the skills of a sheep dog.

I came to this amazing moment of clarity this afternoon while in the chicken run with my Imp and Squeak. After a good half hour of the children/chicken playdate in the run, it was time to let the chickens enjoy some peace without being chased or harassed for a cuddle. Getting Imp out was a breeze. Squeak on the other hand.....

I swear that child has the skills of a ninja and can corner better than a quarter horse. After repeated answers of "No no no no" to my gentle coercion to allow me to pick her up, she then reverted to the art of dodging. Punctuated heavily with giggles in response to mine slower reflexes.

It was time to think smart. Its time to pretend I was rounding up some sheep.

Three minutes later, I had Squeak cornered and was able to scoop her up. Sheepdog Mum 1. Squeak 0.


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