21 October 2011

| day twentyone | Create a teatowel skirt

Back in May, I wrote a post about finding cool things to do on the internet. Well it happened again. I came across another fantastic blog called Filth Wizardry; full of art and craft ideas for kids. One post in particular caught my eye:


In this post, she had bought some white tea towels and let the girls go to town on them with markers and acrylic paint. She sewed it all up and hey presto, skirts!!

Feeling inspired, I sourced the materials and Imp started on her creation.

Finally, I got the sewing machine out and put it together. First attempt at sewing so was happy that it ended up looking skirt-like.


  1. Oh wow what a really cool idea, your skirt looks amazing :)

  2. That is a great idea!
    When I get my machine back from my Mum I reckon I'll give it a go.


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