27 January 2012

The Big Wet

We have had another bout of wet weather, this time culminating in four days of nearly continual rain. The catchments were receiving this liquid bounty, and our major river which snakes its way through the township is swollen with water.

A break in the rain meant we were able to participate in the local tradition of going to check the river and it's height.


  1. these photos are a great insight. i hope the rain eases your way. the weather has certainly been extreme and varied all around australia. i also wanted to make comment about your homeschooling. i find this inspirational and take my hat off to you. something i imagine i would love to do but not sure how i would manage it. i hope it is all going well. enjoy the weekend.

  2. Thank you for commenting MamaJots. There are days where I don't know how I manage it either!

  3. Oh my, it's been wet wet wet there! Two La Ninas in a row. I hope it eases off soon.


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