4 January 2012

Bloggers are liars

There is a saying that one should always "put their best foot forward". That we show the world the best of us all the time. However, this can also be full of pitfalls.

"How on earth do they do it?"

"Makes me feel I am doing something wrong when I look at these blogs"

"Where are the stories of them having a shit day?"

"You never see the photos of when it all goes to hell in a handbasket"

"This is false advertising. Makes it look all lovely but makes the rest of look and feel like failures"

"Oh my god! Her floors are spotless!"

We all have days that makes the vodka in the back of the cupboard look enticing. Yes, honestly, we do. If you take a look over at my archive and look at the months in 2011, you will see there is only two posts in June and  July. That is forever known as  "the months when it all went to shit". I didn't have enough energy left to anything else but breathe in and out, let alone blog!.

Anyway, I was determined  to find some blogs of people who have children, who homeschool, who unschool, some who have chosen schooling outside the home and say that its not all as rosy as people like to perceive it to be.







I could trawl the net a bit more but my smalls are glued to the TV watching ABC kids, screaming at me for a drink and I have put them off for the past three minutes so I can finish this post.  If anyone else wants to link up with some more, then please add it in the comments below.


  1. It's all oh.so.true! No one wants to talk about their shit days and be seen as a "bad parent" or seemingly doing "the wrong thing" so everyone always just blogs the good stuff, which is nice, but I also like to read the not so good stuff, to know I'm not completely and utterly alone when it's been one of THOSE days.

    Owlet Mama also did an honest blog post nearly a year ago, and I often go back and read it, mainly when needing to feel validated lol


  2. I needed this post. I wrote out a huge post today about my crappy past few days and then deleted itbecause "noone else in bloggervile has crap days and wants to read about mine"
    Thank you for opening my eyes and mind :) xx

  3. I think you might be right there .... Could it be that we don't want to bother others with our bad days. That we want to show our happy side or maybe that we want to convince ourselves that we are not happy .... especially on those days when as you say life seems like crap. And yep Odessa re; your comment .... so you know you are not completely and utterly alone when it's been on of those days. Thanks for sharing, as this is a great post.

  4. Oh and I love the new look :)

  5. I like remembering the good bits and recording them on my blog, I certainly need the incentive to focus on the good stuff since I'm such a damned pessimist! I also like being honest and mentioning the horrid times, while not dwelling on them so much.
    I tend to blog less when I'm having a wonderful time because I'm too busy having a wonderful time to be bothered turning my computer on! I think the mood of my blog is pretty ordinary days styles rather than total Pollyanna or utterly depressing.
    I do love seeing the nice parts of other people's lives. It's nice to have a bit of honesty too, but really, if it's not what the blog is intended for then it's ok to make sure the dirty part of the floor is out of the frame :)

  6. I just read this post, which seems like an apt one to add:


  7. its all part of that big surreal world called cyber space....I ve often thought this and recall posting about exactly this point...although Im not really interested in reading about someone elses money problems, or 'my husband doesnt understand stories'...I do agree with this scale of perfection....that is hard to live up to...and do I really want to...no thanks. Thanks for the post .


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