25 January 2012

Chicken Expansion

Since I wrote last about what had been happening with our chickens, we have had another loss. Sadly, Esme the Oppressor became quite ill very quickly. Husband and I both knew where she was headed, as we had just dealt with her sister Flower's illness and demise. We decided that the best thing for her was to spare her from the slow and painful downhill run, so my husband gently "dispatched" her.

It made us both so uneasy. We knew it was the right thing to do but it still sat uncomfortably within us.

The two left were reasonably well, apart from Bertha who has had a cold. Both were promptly sent to the vet who suggested a boost in vitamins for the girls. We have seen a steady gain in their health since then and we are all very relieved.

Our flock of four had now dwindled to two and one of them, Attila, had become broody. She spent her days sitting on the eggs in the nesting box, much to the frustration of Bertha who desperately needed to release her egg. We waited to see if this was just a passing phase in Attila and in the mean time, we discussed introducing some more chickens.

Discussions were completed with Husband and Imp soon driving over the border to purchase some seven week old chicks from a breeder. I had suggested that he only get two. They came home with three.

We now have two double laced Barnevelders and a New Hampshire, who are all growing at such a rapid speed that we are amazed at their development.


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