1 January 2012

The Christmas Wrap up - on New Years Day

Not one to be on time for most things, I have finally gotten around to a) doing a blog revamp and b) writing about our time spent over Christmas.

Husband and I are trying to create our own family traditions surrounding Christmas that does not revolve around a jolly man in a red suit. We have made a conscience decision to not do the Santa gig for a number of reasons. It has been followed with us quietly questioning if we were doing the right thing. 

Last year, we were very strict in the way we celebrated this time in the season and both us of deep down did not feel so comfortable with it. We felt a little "Grinchy", so we have moved in a babystep like fashion to introduce some more creative things for all to do and to develop some form of a built up to the actual day.

Husband really wanted The Littles to have stockings. His eyes lit up at the prospect of it. On Christmas morning, there were three stockings waiting to be plundered. Full of goodies, some handmade, some just little dinky junky things, some delectably treaty - like chocolate.

He is a smart man, my husband. While the children were busy diving nose first into their stockings, us two tired adults could slowly savour a cup of hot tea and slowly pace ourselves so we could enjoy the entire day, instead of the paper ripping frenzy being over in ten minutes.

It was a great day. All were spoilt in their own way and took the time to take pleasure in our gifts while nibbling on home made shortbread and fruit mince pies. It culminated in a fantastic roast dinner cooked with such love and dedication by our chef, as the name states in gold glitter on his hat, Husband.

I hope all had a fantastic Christmas and my wishes to all for a wondrous 2012.


  1. Oh how absolutely wonderful Cybele, it sounds like the festive season was really beautiful for you and your family.

  2. Ooooh, I like your new blog layout :)


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