20 February 2012

My Clothing Rant

Not long ago, I was undertaking the quarterly stocktake of Imp's clothes to see what needed replacing or was too small and I discovered that Imp was in a desperate need of some jeans. On our next shopping day, I went on the search for some news clothes for Imp. This was my mission, if I chose to accept it.

Now Imp is quite particular when it comes to clothes and colours, which I struggle with as I don't like the fact she only limits herself to pink and purple. But putting my issues aside, we dived into the land of pink (otherwise known as the girls section) so Imp could get some jeans.

The expedition turned into a race to get it done quickly as Squeak started to get bored at a rapid pace, Husband was on the phone talking to a friend and my frazzle metre started to skyrocket. We found some jeans, looked at the size, lined them up against her which looked like the right length and then paid for them.

As soon as we get home, Imp rips the tags off and pops them on. The length is just perfect for her. But I am horrified at the cut. The company with the Big Blue Letter are selling clothes to four years that attempt to accentuate my daughters bottom/hips/waist!!  I then proceeded to dig a little further in her wardrobe and noticed the difference in the cut of a girls t shirt compared to a boys tshirt of the same size! Sure enough, the boys was roomy but the girls was taken in at the waist and shorter. The sexualisation of children has begun!! The scrutinising of their bodies is here!!

How dare they? How dare they have clothes for children made to hug their non existent curves. To make it so attention is drawn to areas that attention should not ever ever be drawn to in children. I am seething with rage over this. My four year old daugher is not an object or a clothes horse. My four year old should not be worried about how jeans look on her or if she is too big for clothes that have "her number" tagged on them. The only thing my daughter should be worried about is going outside and playing. To be comfortable in what she is wearing and not being limited due to the design or cut of an outfit! About feeling good about herself on the inside and not worry about what the wrapping looks like; or conforming to what the retail chains want her to be so they can maximise their profit!!

The lesson has been learnt. From now on, jeans and t shirts are coming from the boys department of clothing stores for as long I as can get away with it. And this doesn't make my child a "tomboy", or someone who has questionable gender. This makes her normal. A normal child who should not feel constricted by the style of the clothes which have been determined by faceless marketing executives as what "little girls should wear".

Image from Ragged Robin

No way. No how. Not in this house!


  1. Amen sister! I hear you! Also going upstairs to see what we've got in the way of jeans.

  2. Well said!
    When I get my sewjo back I will make her some that sit properly :)

  3. OH YEAH!
    My children both wear "boys" t-shirts because they're generally made better and they are cut to fit a child's body, not a mini woman's body!
    This is a rant I have every single time I set foot in a store that sells clothing, whether I'm buying it or not.
    Thankfully I have a sewing room at my new, gigantic legoland house, and I'll be getting stuck into sewing clothes for the whole family from here on. Sexualisation aside, nothing is made well these days!


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