18 April 2012

Finger print tree | Tutorial |

I found this genius idea on Pinterest and sat on it for ages. I ended up making one for Husband for Fathers Day.

Items you will need:

A4 paper
Black cardboard
Paints or inkpads
Willing little fingers.

I decided to create my template in Photoshop, so first off  I needed a tree brush. I find that Brusheezy has a pretty good selection of brushes and another plus is that it is free! I used a brush similar to this.

So if you don't have a tree brush, download one and then load it into Photoshop. If you don't have Photoshop, you can find a Fingerprint tree template by using a Google image search and then print it off. I found this really cool one from One Fab Day.

Back to Photoshop: Open up a new page A4 size. I would make a few layers at this point too. Choose your tree brush and what colour you want it to be. Add this to your first layer.

On your next layer, you want to put your text in. Click on the T and then add your text.

Once you are happy with it, go to Layers and Flatten Image. Save and print.

The fun part begins....

Using either paint or inkpads, you can get your Littles to dip their finger and add the leaves to the tree. We used autumn coloured paints for our project but really the choices are endless.

Finger prints from all The Littles. All different shapes and sizes.

Once it is all dry, mount it onto the black cardboard and frame it!


  1. What a gorgeous present. I love this idea! Thank you

  2. Lobe pinterest! Thanks so much for sharing this! Would be a fun way of showing each season too... I'm on it ;)


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