5 April 2012

Imp is 5

My sweet, beautiful girl.

Today is your birthday. This day, five years ago, we welcomed you into our family. You were Daddy's first child and Mummy's first girl. We welcomed you with love, Autumn Child.

You were born ....

On a Thursday afternoon. There was an abundance of blue sky and the sun sparkled as we drove to the hospital. Soon it was time for you to arrive and I cherished hearing your cry. You very loudly announced your arrival and could be heard from in the next room! You had a mass of chocolate coloured hair and a gorgeous pink, squishy face.

When you were one ....

You could say "Daddy" and "Bubba". Your favourite food was avocado. On your first birthday, Daddy was reading you a story called "That's not my monkey". When he turned to a page that had a picture of a gorilla on it, you pointed to the picture and said "Dad-dee Dad-dee".

When you were two ...

You had perfected the art of walking and would run everywhere. You loved making messes when eating spaghetti, to the point that it turned into an art installation. We flew down to visit Mummy's family and it was also your first visit to a zoo.

When you were three ...

We moved into a different house. You become a big sister after you watched Squeak being born. For your birthday, you wanted a ladybug cake. You loved bubbles and shadowed Daddy while he worked in the garden.

When you were four ...

You loved playing outside and digging in the garden. If you saw a pile of sand, you disappeared into it to make concoctions for Mummy to "drink". You discovered Charlie and Lola on TV and loved it. Your favourite music was Justine Clarke and thus began the torture of the CD that never ends. You like to twirl and you wanted to be like Angelina Ballerina.

Now you are five ...

You have started to learn to ride a big kids bike with stabilisers. Your favourite colours in the whole wide world are pink and purple. You still love Charlie and Lola, and your favourite animal is a unicorn. Happy Birthday my precious Dancing Child. We love you so much and are so very thankful to have you in our little family.

 I'm joining in with Thankful Thursday at Kate Says Stuff.


  1. What a beautiful post! Happy Birthday gorgeous girl xx


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