15 April 2012

Sun dyeing Wool | Tutorial |

This is an extension from a previous post. This is done with food colouring.

Firstly, pick out the undyed wool you want to use. Submerge the wool for a minimum of thirty minutes in a bowl cold water and a cup of white vinegar.

There are two ways of doing this and I will go through both of them. Firstly, you can get a really big jar; one that is big enough for your hank of wool to be submerged in.

Take your wool out of the bowl of water and vinegar. Gently squeeze the excess water out of your hank.

Fill up your jar with some warm water and add some vinegar. Just a little bit. Then pop the wool in.

Grab your food colouring and add to the water. I found The Littles really loved doing this bit (and also got a wee bit overexcited so close supervision is a good idea). They especially liked watching the colour dance through the water and then cling onto the wool. Add as many colours as you wish and give it a stir when you are finished.

Then pop the jar out in the sun.

Baking, baking.

I would leave it outside for as long as possible. We put ours on the pavers, as the heat from the pavers helped warm up the water and add to the baking process.

The second way of doing it is more hands on.

While your hank is still soaking in the cold water and vinegar, lay down long strips of cling wrap on the surface you will be working from.

Remove wool from the water and gently squeeze. Then place the hank on the cling wrap. Lay it as flat as possible to achieve the most surface area.

With paint brushes, paint the food colouring onto your wool. The more you put on, the more it will grab the colour.

Once you have finished, wrap you wool up with the cling wrap. Make it as long and flat as possible. Take it outside and lay it in the sun.  Leave it outside for as long as possible.

When it is time to bring the wool inside, you will need to rinse the excess colour out. Then hang them somewhere to dry.

This is the end result of our work.


The Eldest helped me out on one of them which was dubbed "Zombie Splatter." Hmmm.


Husband came home from work and liked how it turned out. He was really interested on how we did it so went on a Google snoop later that evening. After The Littles had gone to bed, he was in the kitchen dyeing up his own wool and baking it in the microwave. He had blown us out of the water with his effort. He does that. It is impressive, yet slightly annoying.



  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am having fun perusing your crafty posts and will be adding you to my list of must reads!



  2. Ooh, one day when the stars align I'd love to see your yarny handiwork in person. I'm so inspired by wool fibre artists, even though I'm never game to try myself.

  3. Oh heavens, what absolutely perfect timing. I've been teaching friends to felt and they just presented me with a bag of fleece to card and dye for a homeschool project. Thank you so much.


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