29 May 2012

Autumn Leaves Suncatchers | Tutorial |

I am finally getting back to my blog to let you all know what we did with the left over tissue paper from our last craft session.

Being a rather frugal Mama (when the mood doth hit me) I had decided not to throw out all the glorious tissue paper which had bled its colours so fantastically when we painted them on paper to make leaves. I decided that the windows needed a little bit of a pick me up as the days started to darken as we descended into the colder months.

Things you need:

Tissue paper
Black cardboard
Clear contact.

Draw a leaf shape onto the cardboard and cut out so you just have a black frame.
Place contact on one side of the frame
Randomly place tissue paper onto the contact and cover the entire adhesive surface.

That's it. A really easy one and it great for a rainy day when The Littles are getting a case of Cabin Fever.

The end result. Loads of fun. If you want to, you can be a bit more artistic and cut out some more "realistic" looking leaves.

Here is a close up on Imp's. The fact that the tissue paper had a level of transparency in it, not to mention the gorgeous blending of colours, really made it look funky. It reminded of the old Childcraft Make and Do books you can pick up in most Op shops.

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  1. Great project! I love the way the tissue paper looks all watercoloury too :)


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