9 May 2012

Our Pumpkin - a story for Imp

One day, Daddy got some seeds. Some small, teardrop shaped seeds.

He placed a little seed deep into the soil. The seed was covered and protected by the warmth of the rich soil. There it slept in the darkness until it was time to wake up.

Days turned into nights. Night back into day. Still the little seed slept. Snug and cozy in its little brown bed.

Then the little seed stirred slightly. Soon a tiny green shoot tunneled its way through the brown blankets and popped out. The tiny shoot felt the warmth glow of the sun. 

Soon the tiny shoot grew two small leaves. The leaves grew very quickly. Daddy would gently shower the leaves with water. The small leaves liked the warmth of the sun and the refreshing drink. It was happy. The leaves continued to grow and soon, more leaves popped up.

And more.

And more.

They liked the water they were given; the sun which kept them warm. The yummy composted soil that Daddy blanketed onto the dirt. The happy plant soon sent out beautiful golden flowers. The bees liked the flowers and would busily buzz around the plant to collect the nectar.

The plant liked the water it was given. The sun which kept them warm. The yummy composted soil and the bees who hummed gently near its flowers.

The plant grew very big and its arms stretched across the ground. It weaved its way across the garden bed like a snake. Soon there were more leaves and more beautiful golden flowers. And more bees. And more humming.

One of the golden flowers had a little green ball underneath it. We watched and waited. The little ball grew.

And  grew.

And grew.

The little seed was so happy. So grateful to have been placed in the soil. To have been fed and watered that the plant gave us a gift to say thank you. A deliciously round pumpkin.

Soon, we were able to use our gift to fill up our bellies with its delicious golden goodness. The pumpkin also had left us a little gift inside.

More seeds! Small, tear drop seeds so you and Daddy can place them snug in the soil.


  1. What a beautiful story and a great looking pumpkin!

  2. This is a gorgeous story! I'm going to show my daughter your blog as I am sure she would love to hear about this lovely pumpkin!


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