2 July 2012

Unschool Monday | Movement and Changes |

Lots of changes are a foot here. The most important one is that the Chaos Clan is on the move. Not interstate as we are still aiming for, but back into town.  Having the eldest leave has meant that down sizing was our only option and luckily for us, the universe dropped the most gorgeous present in our path.

This is the new Chaos Headquarters. Isn't she lovely? Such a find and this is the first time it is on the rental market.  Luckily, my keen eye spotted this beauty as soon as she hit the market. I was smitten from the moment we walked in the door.

Unfortunately, we cannot take our precious chickens with us and this has caused some sadness in the house. This Thursday, they are off to a new home. A rather friendly sounding chap by the name of Bruce, who called my husband "cobber" over the phone so he must be awesome, has happily snapped up the lot. This does give us some relief as our chookies are a great flock and I would have been so sad if we had to split them up. Admittedly, a part of me is looking forward to Thursday so I don't get woken up by our resident rooster, Onslo von Strutt, who really enjoys heralding the morning. At 4 am. Not cool.

So this past week, our children have learnt lots about changes and saying goodbyes. Our Buff Sussex, Bertha, became very listless and unwell. Husband gently dispatched her, but with great sadness as she was such a lovely and quirky chook.  Farewell Bertha.

We have also dealt with a lack of TV. This has been an interesting, yet forced experiment, as it required repairs. Personally, I found the timing of this unbelievably inappropriate as I really had hoped the screen would distract them while I dove head first into packing up the house. The Littles have had to rely on their imaginations which was difficult for them to adjust to initially. But, day by day, they are getting better at it. Packing boxes have turned into cars, caves, trains. Plastic containers out of the cupboard turned into a massive drum kit. Oil pastels have became incredibly popular and the artwork which has been served up to Mama with such pride has been beautiful. Some how, it is all turning out okay. Admittedly there are still small meltdowns during the day, from Mama too, but that is to be expected with so much activity swirling around us at the moment.

I will come back in over the next few days to keep you all updated on how we are going as we say farewell to our home for the past 3 years.

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  1. That place looks gorgeous! Sorry you couldn't take the chickens :( Good luck with the move (gawd how I loathe moving! Really hope we don't have to do it again for a few years yet, we did it in 2010 with me 30wks pregnant, then had to again when the baby was 10months old!)

    1. Both times I have moved around here, I have been pregnant. Husband was starting to think it was a ruse to get out of packing etc. This time however, I have no such excuse

  2. Your new home looks lovely, good luck with all the packing and transitions that come with a move!

    1. Thank you Tanja. We have nearly unpacked the last box!!! It really starting to feel like a home now. It is such a cosy little nook to burrow into.


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