6 August 2012

Moving - forwards, onward and upwards

The last two weeks in July buzzed by like a blur. We have successfully moved from one house to another. It was a frantic time for all involved, and The Littles really did struggle with the uncertainty and boredom which comes from being left to conjure up their own fun while the parents tried to get everything done.

Keys returned. Farewells done. We bid our former home goodbye which had more bad points about it than good. Farewell tiled floor which was cold and an acoustic nightmare. Farewell mold which would regularly return like an unwelcome visitor.

There were tinges of sadness as well. This was the house that Squeak was born in. I had plans of taking a photo with Squeak standing on the very spot entered this world. She wasn't interested in doing this. In fact, she refused to set foot in the door and would scream if I attempted to coax her into the house. A very interesting moment which I did not expect to to happen.

We also had to say goodbye to our beloved chickens. We all cried when they were taken away by their new owners. I will always have a soft spot my chookies.

 Our new home is just lovely. It is an Art Deco home with a fireplace and lovely original features. There are still some unpacking to do, as it was not long after we moved that I jetted down to Hobart for Homebirth Australia Conference. The next few posts I will talk about the beautiful area's surrounding Hobart so stayed tuned (yes I know, teasing!). A chapter of our lives has closed and now a new one is beginning.

Want to see some photos? I had to use for phone for these as my poor camera was packed away in a box somewhere, probably feeling rather disgruntled that I chose an iPhone over the superior loveliness of my DSLR. I made it up to to her by taking her to Hobart with me.

That is the light in my kitchen. It has a swoon factor of 10!

There are three sets of these gorgeous double doors in the house.

There is nothing more cozy than hearing the crackle of the fire, feeling the warmth on your face and watching the soft glow that is thrown across the room.

A designated feature area for all my colourful plates and mugs! Practical yet snazzy. Oh and look at that delicious subway tile. Drool!!

I will stop here for now as too much gorgeous can be hazardous. Til next time!

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