10 August 2012

Taswegia | Part One |

This defines serendipitous to me.

I became friends with a wonderful woman, who I met through our connection as being crazed stunt birthers in our spare time. Well, not "stunt" but we are both homebirthers. I previously waxed lyrical about how I am member of Kestrel Fan Club and my sadness at her departure from this area. She has since moved back to her beloved Hobart and guess where the Homebirth Australia conference was to be held?


I eagerly flew down to start my week with the Recruitment Officer for Come Live in Tasmania. I was also speaking at this years conference was so a little nervous and was eager to get that part over and done with. Unlike last years conference, I only took one photo and this was of the ceiling in the Baha'i Centre.

 Here are a couple of shots which I took on my iPhone as I had left the camera at the house for the day.

The gorgeous and impressive Mount Wellington with her fantastic organ pipes on display. She is this ominous presence which looms over Hobart like an ancient guardian. I felt myself checking her out every morning as we drove down the hill to see what she looked like. Some mornings, she was decorated by a fluffy grey hat. A couple of times, she was delicately draped in white. I can definitely understand the magnetic type pull that she has on people.

The next day we then made our way out to gorgeous little town called Kettering, where the children attend Eurythmy classes. This was the site that greeted me. I swoon over cottage gardens and I swear this one was out to impress. How could I not record such beauty?

On the way back, we stopped so the children could check out one of the local shops. Luckily, the camera was in the car this time and I can't wait to show you what was inside. But it will have to wait until the next time I post.


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