2 January 2013

2012, it's good to see you've gone

Finally the tumultuous year of 2012 has closed. The story of the past year is not one I want to repeat.

It started well. The first chapter looked promising and the scene was set for a rather uneventful journey. But like any good story that pulls in a reader, the twist in the plot begins early off. The rug is pulled out from under you, in the shape of a message. Family becomes fractured as you lose a member.

As much as it hurt. As much as it caused me so much pain and anguish, and if I care to admit it still does but with less intensity, it is nothing compared to what else this year had in store for people we knew. Even though I am not in any regular form of contact with him, the fact his feet still touch this earth is more than others get to experience.

Too many loved souls left us and it seemed to just happen in rapid fire succession of each other.  People I know have lost their precious children. Another family that we knew through The Little's playgroup lost their mother. The weight upon their hearts must be so unimaginably heavy and nothing may help them carry this weight with some ease.

Then Husband lost both of his parents within months of each others passing. Even though their link was severed quite a while before this, their deaths were filled with many mixed emotions for Husband. He mourned the wish of what he wanted his parents to be, but what they could not give him. After his father died, the day before I flew to Hobart to speak at the Homebirth Conference, Husband was left with the task to organise everything. Even though they were estranged, there was no one else. Nothing had been prearranged. The fact Husband was able to just one foot in front of the other for that week is a testament to his perseverance.

The following week was spent clearing out the house. Lots of wading through boxes, papers etc. unearthing of treasures, finding trash and greeting by history. All of it was bittersweet.

Bittersweet. I think this sums up 2012 for us beautifully. Bittersweet.

Shut the book; exhale loudly and place it in the giant library of life. Turn your heels and walk away.


  1. It was huge wasn't it :( Here's to an awesome year to come.

    1. It sure was. It was like I could feel the earth beneath my feet constantly shifting.

  2. How elegantly you described the year that was. Thank you for sharing.
    Your images are incredibly beautiful and the words you string together are very thoughtful.

    Bella xx

    1. Thank you Bella, I really do appreciate your very kind words.


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