24 January 2013

Operation Chair Revival

Going to our local Tender Centre is always a dangerous past time, especially when you are supposed to be downsizing the amount of stuff you own. We usually don't go there because of that very reason but a couple of weeks ago, Husband decided to pop in and have a look. Which ended badly.

Why did it end badly?  Because I put a tender on a vintage Mikasa dinner set and won it.


I also spied a lovely pair of chairs which I wanted to bid on but thought that I would be outbid and didnt want to get my heart broken over the loss. Yes that was rather dramatic, but you should have seen them!!

The next day, I promptly pop into the shop and pick up my win. While I was there, I casually mentioned how I had seen a lovely pair of chairs and wondered if they could tell me what they ended up selling for.

They did not sell. (oh gawd)
And they have to be picked up this week (shh!)
Did you want me to call the owner and see if she will take a bid now? (stop it!! enabling heathen!!)
Congratulations, you are the new owner of the chairs (i caved. oh dear, this will require some explaining...)

I am the proud owner of two really funky chairs which need a load of love. I suspect this may be a 12 month project.

Anyway, here is a before shot. I only took a photo of one because the other one has already embedded itself between the exercise bike and the jenga pile of table/tarpaulin/ropes in the shed.

chair arms chairside

Look at the spindly, angular arms!! The short legs! Under that ugly curtain of shame may be a thing of beauty.  Now I need to learn how to revive them.

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  1. LOL! I mean, well scored woman, well scored but oh heavens! You need to talk to my lovely midwife when you move down. She's revived a serious number of ye olde fashioned chairs.

  2. I have done one recover and am about to start my second. I left the wooden frames as is. Then unpicked the old fabric and used this as my pattern to cut the new fabric out. I should did up some photos....


    1. I am off to look now. Thank you for the link.


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