8 January 2013

The 2013 Agenda


I like lists. I mean I really like lists. If I want to guarantee I get things done, then I turn into List Maker Extraordinaire™. I am not to the point of making flowcharts for cooking like on Offspring, I mean for starters I really am  (no seriously, I mean that) a bad cook, but I feel more order if I have things written down.

So I thought this year for fun, because list writing is fun, I would do a small  roll call of things I want to do this year. I may add to it as the months go by. Or in a blinding panic in December, realise I have achieved nothing on the list and cull it severely while we pretend this never happened.

Ok here goes.

THINGS TO DO (POSSIBLY IF I REMEMBER) IN 2013 - in no particular order

1. Learn to crochet
2. Take at least one photo every week  (and not with my iPhone)
3. Move states
4. Allow myself to be photographed and like what I see
5. Wear colours that don't make me blend into the furniture
6. Knit something for myself 
7. Learn to dye wool with commercial dyes 
8. Change our nature table at the START of the new season  (currently its still in early spring mode)
9. Be spontaneous
10. Try to buy more secondhand

Anyone else writing up a To Do list? Have you written yours already?


  1. i do not like making lists lol but, i like your list and i could see myself accomplishing some of those things ;)

  2. Your 2 is what I exactly decided to do. I already try 7 (disastre...) this year (2013!). My only To Do List is to improve my english. Your pictures are splendid.

  3. I am a master list maker. I write things on that I know I can scratch off straight away lol. I send myself crazy every January with the things I want to get done each year. Lots of stuff never gets done. This year I have decided to ditch the lists and free myself.

    You have some nice things on your list. N#6 was on my list last year and not done lol.

    Enjoy your list x

  4. Learn to crochet is on my list too! Happy 2013! xo

  5. I am in huge list maker as well. I share the majority of your list! Wonderful to know I am not alone.


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