7 March 2013

Our daggy Valentines presents

Husband and I try to remember to partake in Valentines Day but usually we forget, like our anniversary (shocking, I know.) When we do remember, we don't do the cards/flowers/chocolates gig. We are the anti Valentines Day participants. So we buy each other daggy presents. One year I got a pack of cheap shower caps.

This year, Husband remembered and went out op shopping to find something. I completely forgot, of course.

And his present was not daggy - it was rather cool

How do I compete with this?!

I could not beat this. I loved it!! But, I would give it my best shot. What can I say; I'm competitive.

I see your funky plaque and raise you a spoon rest.

We found out later, that we had both been to the same op shop. Love the Salvos!


  1. That is so funny. We don't do valentines either really. Just a card is enough. We send each other cheesy 80's Love Songs all the time. We post them on each others facebook pages. Love the 80's for a love song! x

    1. The 80's was indeed the decade for the power ballad. Foreigner, anyone?

  2. Great minds and all that- how cute! x


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