30 March 2013

Settling in

So here we are - home. Our new home.

I still cannot get my head around the fact that we are here, well at least on a permanent basis. "No, this isn't a holiday. Yes you live here now." Still has not remotely sunk in.

When we first arrived, our wonderful friend and her family graciously allowed us to take over their craft room for a few days while we not so patiently waited for our furniture to arrive. Imp bolted into the house and propelled herself full bodied into Kestrel's arms. Yes, we have all missed her (and her awesome tribe) that much.

Day two coincided with the annual 15 Days on the Island which we all decided to go to; plus there is the Salamanca Markets and we just had to introduce Husband to it. The weather was damp (we were thanked for bringing the rain, even though our family were well and truly over it), the sky was grey but gosh I did not care. I was in Tasmania!! At the markets, listening to the Highland Pipe Band playing music which reverberated off the tall sandstone buildings of Salamanca.

Oh and the trees! The trees are just glorious. I could look at them all day and so very much look forward to them changing colour.

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  1. CONGRATS! hope that things just keep getting better & better. xo


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