16 June 2013


Another week of being bunkered in our house due to the cold, and Mama not being used to the cold, meant that there are no photos this week. However, this one was taken last Sunday after I had submitted 23/52 so that could sort of count - couldn't it?  Yeah I know, reaching much.

So here is Imp and Squeak, with their Mama knitted beanies, trying to suss out if climbing (or as I envisioned - rolling fast) down the embankment would be a good idea. They decided against it.

Joining in with Che and Fidel for the 52 Project.


  1. oh so love this! what sweet trepidation. (those beanies are spectacular too)
    hope your week is off to a lovely start! xo

    1. Why thank you - I knitted them myself. I have noticed since moving here that I am picking up the needles a lot more. A knitting frenzy ensues.

  2. There is something so magical about kids among the trees. Especially all rugged up!

    I found your blog via the 52 project and your description of yourself as a "reluctant" home schooler has me intrigued. x

    1. Ah haha! I guess it is that is how I feel. Initially, and its somewhere here in the archives from a couple of years back, this journey was embarked upon due to my eldest child not fitting in at school. He felt out of place, bullied and was desperate to leave. I didn't want a bar of homeschooling, really I didn't but the situation arose where it felt like the safest option.

      The journey began with me white knuckling while we both plodded through it together. He no longer lives with us and is back in the schooling system but I think the circuit breaker helped.

      That left my two youngest and we just knew that homeschooling would be our choice for their learning. The reluctance comes from me, who still questions her ability to guide them. It's merely a confidence thing on my behalf as I worry about so many variables: am I doing the right thing? Will I be a good mother and guide for them? Will they learn?

      Some find it easy, or at least that's how it appears to me when I read things about their journey. It's a struggle some days from both sides and therein lies the reluctance ... and the stubbornness to do a good job.


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