30 June 2013


A little late today but here we go.....


Squeak pretending to be a dolphin (I don't get it either). Not the most technically good photo but the blur sums her up: constantly moving to the point she makes others dizzy in her wake.

Imp lost in the rainbow. She loves rainbows and today we were blessed by a beautiful arc not far from our house. 

Joining in for another week with Che and Fidel (halfway there!!)


  1. Oh I love rainbows!

    Great photos. And such a great blog.

  2. I love that first photo, and the second is great too. I can be found staring at rainbows a lot of the time too!

  3. oh both of these are fabulous captures. I love those little things children do. Pretending to be a dolphin, chasing rainbows. It is important to document them!
    love this post! xo


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